R.E.M. added value

8.1 - RED PALM wEEVIL treatment and control
More than 1,380 palm trees have been regularly treated since 1994 due the appearance of the Red Palm Weevil. We follow the protocols established by relevant authorities regarding plant health.

This has allowed us to continue enjoying all the specimens, while they have been disappearing tree by tree in neighbouring communities. There have been eight non-natural palm tree losses in La Marina since its creation, due to fungal diseases.
8.2 - Plant replacement

Plants have a life cycle and die just like any other living thing; all plants in La Marina are replaced continually without any special fees or additional costs to the owners.
8.3 - CANON ADVANTAGE as fixed price

The fee may only be revised with the annual CPI variation, so the system ensures a stable fee irrespective of any unforeseen increases.

Rises in the prices of drinking and irrigation water: Rises in the prices of drinking and irrigation water:
Tariff revisions, improvement fees and Andalusia Government fees, circumstances that as of June 2011 represented an increase of around 35% in water prices, have not been passed on to any property owner included in the La Marina SMP.

Conservación de La Marina S.L.U.'s absorption of part of the garbage collection rate.
Only partial increase in garbage collection rates for new additions to the area

The inclusion of a new garbage fee by A.R.C.G.I.S.A. has increased the average cost of a standard property in Conservación de La Marina S.L.U. by €261.82.

However, at La Marina the cost has been broken down into:
Collection (what is referred to as a collection fee, in this case, is the new rate for collection from La Marina's centralised collection point to the treatment plant in Los Barrios - Art.6.B)1.1.; €22.30+8%VAT = €24.08/quarter (well imputed) and the new Treatment rate (this new rate is applied based on treatments supposedly performed at this plant - Art.9.1.1.; €45.09+8%VAT = €48.70/year).

Due to the SMP, the rst rate would result in a quarterly fee of €53.28+8%VAT for any standard residence in La Marina (This fee includes the Door-to-Door service in La Marina as provided in the SMP) instead of €22.30+8%VAT. That is to say that the savings on the new rate due to being in the SMP is (€53.28 - €22.30 = €30.98/ quarter, or €123.92 per year less than what the rest of Conservación de La Marina S.L.U. pays with he new rate).

Conservación de La Marina S.L.U. receives and manages the resolution of all incidents related to the services included in the SMP with a 24-hour owner service helpline at

956 790 100

8.5 - COMPARISON OF SERVICE fee under neighbouring

  • R.E.M. LA MARINA - €11,87/m2

  • C.P.APARTAMENTOS PLAYA - €22,36/m2

  • R.E.M. PUERTO SOTOGRANDE - €26,02 - €8 = €18,08/m2

Average ownership fee in La Marina outside the REM per m2 (€ 6/8)
At present, to equality of services in similar issue, the REM is the cheapest system for owners of existing.
8.6 - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OSHAS 18001 Quality Certification
8.7 - YOUR OPINION DOES MATTER - Suggestion box
8.7 - YOUR OPINION DOES MATTER - Satisfaction Survey
8.8 - BALANCE 2013
8.8 - BUDGET 2014